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Welcome To Safe Baby Fun

Here at Safe Baby Fun, we make tummy time fun and easy for your baby, while helping delevlop their motor skills and muscles!

The Importance Of Tummy Time!

 1. "Tummy Time" promotes the development of strong head and neck muscles by allowing your baby the chance to hold his head up against gravity. This paves the way for your baby to push up, roll over, sit up, and crawl later. "Tummy Time" is related to faster achievement of these developmental milestones.

The Importance Of Tummy Time!

2. "Tummy Time" gets babies off of their backs and provides a break for the posterior occipital area (back of the head). This lessens the chance that your baby will develop positional plagiocephaly (a flat or asymmetrical head), which might require helmet therapy.

The Importance Of Tummy Time!

3. "Tummy Time" lessens the chance that your baby will develop acquired torticollis which involves neck muscle shortening when a baby's head maintains primarily one position. 

The Importance Of Tummy Time!

4."Tummy Time" is great for stretching and giving the abdominal organs a sort of "massage" which then stimulates normal bowel functioning and can help to eliminate baby gas.

5."Tummy Time" enhances posture and coordination.

6."Tummy Time" helps to develop your baby's visual system including tracking. As your baby lifts his head while on his tummy he looks to both sides. This helps the coordination of 2 eyes together as he follows movement and looks for interesting toys positioned in front of him.

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